TM Department of the Army Technical Manual: Unconventional Warfare Devices and Techniques. References [Anon.] on *FREE*. TM Unconventional Warfare Devices & Techniques April Vietnam War. See pictures for condition details. If you have any questions, feel free to. Unconventional Warfare Devices and Techniques, References; drawings and information on how to make the devices, Department of the Army TM

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A dark-colored product of deterioration gives evidence of this effect. See terms – opens in a new window or tab.

FMBooby traps. A 10 inch tinned copper wire is soldered to each corner of the charge to provide a means for attaching the charge, or for connecting two tm 31-200-1 more charges together. Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Tm 31-200-1 igniter is a solution of granulated sugar 1 part and potassium chlorate 2 parts in hot water 1 part. No preparation tm 31-200-1 required other than placing the liquid in an air-tight container. The position of this stud in the groove determines the type of operation to be used.

The device ap- pears to be effective.

Actual use of the fuze is not known. This device consists of a clothespin tm 31-200-1 jaws are held open by trip wires. The test history of this item is not known.

Manual, Unconventional Warfare, References TM – The Foxhole

The charge made 2 inch diameter holes, 4 to iVz feet deep through 10 inches of concrete on top of 21 inches rock base and compacted soil. When the switch is closed, detonation occurs, propelling the bearings at high velocity. When the jar is broken the spring tm 31-200-1 the can is released and the matches are scraped against the can and ignite. FMExplosives and Demolitions, page 5.

This is a manually operated device for initiatipg demo- litinn nharges. Tm 31-200-1 may be caused if animal blood gets into an open wound.

Amazon Restaurants Tm 31-200-1 delivery from local restaurants. The antipersonnel firing device No.

The explosive must be stored in a waterproof container until ready to use. The cigarette should be placed so that the flame tm 31-200-1 horizontally or upward.

TM 31-200-1 Unconventional Warfare Devices and Techniques – References

When tm 31-200-1 second is added, the gasoline will gell within a few minutes. Lead azide is an initiating explosive and is produced ae a white to buff crystalline substance. When thrown with suflBcient force against a hard surface, the bottle will break and tm 31-200-1 sugar – potas- sium chlorate will react with the sulfuric acid causing the gasoline to ignite and engulf the target in flames, Cornments: This explosive can be detonated with a No.

East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Four types have been found, differing in casing and igniter materials. A tm 31-200-1 electric detonator is coupled into the circuit and an explosive sunounds the detonator.

The 3-1200-1 eium chlorate and sugar mixture are hoviRftd in the pencil. The quantity shown is the percentage by volume of air. Direct sunlight may cause de- composition of the silver nitrate tm 31-200-1 make the igniter ineffective. This device is small for a boobytrap because the avail- able space for an explosive tm 31-200-1 is quite limited.

The striker ia then driven forward against a percussion cap.

TM Unconventional Warfare Devices and Techniques – References –

The circuit is then completed with a wire from thp biittpry to the other wire from the detonatnr. This item tm 31-200-1 of gasoline that is gelled by the addition of nrganic chfimicals, Tt, can hp. The various combinations tested are sum- marized in the table.

A lift spring tends to force the explosive container up and tm 31-200-1 release mechanism out of the tube tm 31-200-1 prevented by a suflBcient weiglit minimum 2 pounds resting on top of the explosive container. This incendiary consists of a liquid fuel which is gelled by the addition of soap powder or chips. The device is presumed to be effective. They appear to tm 31-200-1 effective.

The match heads are broken off and placed inside the pipe cap and the pipe plug is screwed into the cap.