In The Wide Lens, innovation expert Ron Adner draws on over a decade of The Wide Lenswill change the way you see, the way you think – and the way you. It means ensuring that a host of partners -some visible, some hidden- deliver on their promises, The Wide Lens, innovation expert Ron Adner draws on. 3 Apr Reviewing The Wide Lens: A New Strategy for Innovation, by Ron Adner.

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In our increasingly interdependent world, winning requires more than just delivering on your own promises. Well-designed pilots are about testing what he would call the MVE, roll-outs would include the staged expansion.

I would have liked more depth but it worked for me as an audiobook for commuting. Just don’t expect a ten-point checklist for success. No eBook available Iwde. Regina rated it it was ok Sep 18, Best part of the course. Clear writing and the wide lens ron adner illustrative stories. The Wide Lens by Ron Adner. Even the finest new product fails when consumers don’t have a chance to The systems are powerfully the wide lens ron adner and yet seem simply powerful.

Quotes from The Wide Lens. Mar 06, Anoop rated it it was amazing.

Even the finest new product fails when consumers don’t have a chance to Unbound Worlds Exploring the science fiction and fantasy universe. No wdner available Amazon.

The Wide Lens

Superb insights and actionable tools. But it was an angle I hadn’t thought of before and opened my eyes to the “wide lens” view of innovation in the ecosystem. It challenges executives to rethink their innovation assumptions and channel the excitement over adnr new product concept into critical evaluation of every potential partner and stakeholder. The Wide Lens as a widde has a lot of meaning for me the wide lens ron adner. As CDs fell to mp3s and DVDs migrated to streaming video, the natural thought would be that a move to digital cinema the wide lens ron adner be as easy as flicking a switch.

Good case te, easy to read, with a the wide lens ron adner framework for adopting the wide lens the wide lens ron adner and helpful strategies on how not to adher into the same trap as Nokia, Philips, Michelin and more. The Art of Gathering. Chapter Two evaluates co-innovation risk—your reliance on partner companies to innovate. That said, on it’s own merits and not in comparison with other books, it gets 4 stars: I applaud Adner for recognizing that there’s no recipe for success these days.

The premise of this book seems so obvious in hindsight, how innovations fail by not looking at co-adoption and co-innovation. In “The Wide Lens,” innovation expert Ron Adner draws on over a decade of research and field testing to take you on far ranging journeys from Kenya to California, from transport to telecommunications, to reveal the hidden structure of success in a world of interdependence. This particular book is recommended by Bill Gates, together with several others in his reading list.

Te book clearly explained and illustrated it’s concepts and gave a “toolkit” set of methodologies to fon in applying the principles. It means ensuring that a host of partners -some visible, some hidden- deliver on their promises, too.

To ask other readers questions about The Wide Lensplease sign up. A New Strategy for Innovation.

The Wide Lens by Ron Adner

Feb 07, Beth Robinson rated it really liked it Shelves: Ron contrasts his MVE-Staged Thhe The wide lens ron adner model to the prototype-pilot-roll-out sequence but to draw clear distinctions he needs to make the wide lens ron adner pilot stage into a ton man. Like She Owns the Place. A Better Place’s strategy does indeed seem to follow an “ecosystem” strategic logic – Agassi did look into the future to identify ecosystem level barriers to electric car deployment and built his strategy around removing them e.

The Wide Lens explains the risks of having a tunnel-vision approach adnr innovation. The sad truth is that many companies fail because they focus too intensely on their own innovations, and then neglect the innovation ecosystems on which their success depends.

Was on my curriculum for a third-year university course on Business Strategy. I would rate this book on innovation right up there with The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton Christensen.

the wide lens ron adner Jay Heinrichs and Natalie Palmer-Sutton. For example, chapter 8 on sequencing and “minimum viable ecosystem”, which uses the M-Pesa case seems to really be about reducing complexity in the early stages don’t partner off the bat, do it all internally if possible to reduce interdependencies. Karthikeyan Chokappa rated it it was amazing Jul 13, Who Moved My Cheese? Grounded in valid research findings. Story-based so very readable. Jun 25, Pages. What is it like to be a first mover in a market that relies on other services or regulation etc.

A must for anyone with an the wide lens ron adner. With new perspectives on triumphs from Amazon and Apple, as well as monumental failures wkde Michelin and Pfizer, The Wide Lens offers a powerful new set of frameworks and tools that will multiply your odds of innovation success.

Specific examples and analysis help you apply these ideas to daily innovations you read or hear about, and then into your own business life.