Anisotremus moricandi é uma espécie de peixe da família Haemulidae. Pode ser encontrada nos seguintes países: Brasil, Colômbia, Panamá e Venezuela. Anisotremus é um gênero de peixes da família Haemulidae. Espécies[editar | editar código-fonte]. Anisotremus caesius (Jordan & Gilbert, ); Anisotremus. FAMILIA HAEMULIDAE Los roncadores son una familia de peces de tamaño pequeño a mediano que viven alrededor del mundo en mares tropicales y.

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Xenichthys agassizii Steindachner, Perca vittata Linnaeus, Pristipoma conceptionis Cuvier, Diagramma pictum Thunberg, Pristipoma suillum non Valenciennes, Pomadasys maculata Bloch, Pomadasis perotoei Cuvier, Pristipoma octolineatum Valenciennes, Plectorhinchus lineatus non Cuvier, Plectorhinchus ordinalis non Scott, Pomadasis bennettii Lowe, Xenichthys agassizi Steindachner, Pomadasys argyreus Valenciennes, Genyatremus cavifrons Cuvier, Pomadasys andrei Sauvage, Haemulopsis elongatus Steindachner, The list below must not be used as an authority reference synonymy list like those found in scientific published revisions, which must be the source to be used and cited eventually when they exist.


Pomadasys taeniophorus Regan, Pristipoma branickii Steindachner, Pseudopristipoma nigrum Cuvier, Hapalogenys maculatus Richardson, Gaterin orientalis Bloch, Familiq, Indian and Pacific.

Pomadasys rogerii Famillia, Diagramma mediterraneum Guichenot, Anomalodon incisus Bowdich, Pomodasys kaakan Cuvier, Xenichthys agassizii Steindachner, Pomadasys axillaris Steindachner, Haemulon taeniatum Poey, Haemulon melanura Linnaeus, Haemulon bonariense Cuvier, Anomalodon incisus Bowdich, Pomadasys boucardi Steindachner, Unless it is explicitly precised, the list is not complete, please search all original names published for the family in the Catalog of Fishes generaspecies haemuljdae, including those with uncertain or unknown status, that are not included in FishBase when they are not attached to a valid species.

Plectorhinchus sordidus Klunzinger,